The young winegrower who created magic

Gorjup Winery is the result of a strong vision from a young winegrower who embarked on the path of winemaking by himself, without any family history. When he was 21 years old, he bought 7 hectares of vineyards and leased another 6 hectares. For the past 7 years he’s been making high quality wines with an unforgettable taste.


Accepting challenges pays off with acclaim

Each year nature interferes unpredictably with the harvest of winemaking. That’s exactly why every year serves individual wines – from young and fresh wines to strong, matured wines and sweet berry predicates. We are happy to accept a new challenge every year and use it to the advantage of the harvest, which pays off positively at yearly wine assessments in Split, Vienna and at home.


Thoughtful manual handling in vineyards

Our youthful energy and enthusiasm are particularly noticeable with our work in the vineyards, where all the work is done by hand, except for mowing and phytopharmaceutical treatment. This precision and enthusiasm help us achieve high marks from renowned oenologists at home and abroad.


Great wine types and a wonderful view

A breathtaking view, which we would love to share with you, stretches from an altitude of 365 metres above sea level. Our wine gets an extra note of nobleness while observing the lively wine landscape of terraced vineyards rising above the valley mists. We produce Italian Riesling, Sauvignon, Pinot blanc, Furmint, Blue Frankish and Pinot noir.

Where do the grapevines grow?

Sites in the winegrowing county Styrian (Štajerska) Slovenia, in the subregion Haloze, offer the best conditions to produce wines that are in line with our ideas and in alignment with our vision. Together in harmony with the characteristics of the sites – soil and climate – we support their growth, especially with precise and well-thought-out manual work in the vineyards, hand picking and a lot of tranquillity in the wine cellar.

We have 3 types of parent material: marlstone, sandstone, and Lithothamnium limestone. These different parent materials influence the diversity of our wines, so you can really find something for every taste in our selection. We always separate grapes from different vineyard locations according to the parent material of the soil, because we are enthusiastic about the differences that nature creates.
The vineyards are located in the eastern part of the winegrowing county Haloze, where we have a subpannonian climate. The climate characteristics and the influx of hot air from the nearby Plannonian Plain allow favourable ripening of grapes. The inflow of fresh air from the Alps, on the other hand, helps maintain acids and aromas in the grapes. The average yearly temperature is 11°C, which is ideal for high-quality wine production. Yearly rainfall is around 900 L/m2, which influences the successful growth of the grapevines and the harvest quality.

The vineyards are located in the region Styrian (Štajerska) Slovenia, subregion Haloze, narrower region Zavrč-Cirkulane, winegrowing place Belski Vrh and Veliki Vrh. The seat of the estate with the wine cellar and winery is located on Belski Vrh. The vineyards are situated at an altitude of 260m to 380m above sea level, the altitude influences the successful growth of grapevines. With the increase of altitude more sugar accumulates in the grapes. Vineyard locations are mostly facing south. The majority of vineyards are terassed because of the slopes. The largest vineyard slope has a 77% incline, which allows sun rays to fall onto the grape
berries under an angle where the sun has the biggest power. The river Drava nearby and Lake Ptuj significantly affect grape production. They also lessen the day and night temperature fluctuations and additionally add brightness to the area. The forests, which surround our vineyards, impact the development of aromatic substances in the grapes because they enable constant relative humidity.

Creators of Gorjup Wines

Everything is more beautiful and easier in twos. That’s why the story of Gorjup Winery is written by Nejc and Sabina Gorjup, who complement and improve each other with every step. We invite you to meet them!

Nejc Gorjup, dipl. ing. of agriculture

The pillar and the main and only oenologist of Gorjup Wines. He organizes and carries out all the working activities in the vineyards and leads the vision of Gorjup Winery. He is a workaholic in the true sense of the word, a huge animal and nature lover, and an amateur hiker.

Sabina Gorjup

Sabina is fundamental support for Nejc and takes care of promotion and sales. She is always happy to do household chores and helps with any tasks in the vineyards and in the cellar. She helps to realize the vision of Gorjup Winery and is constantly coming up with new ideas to diversify the offer. She is an eternal optimist, amateur musician, and a huge lover of animals and nature.