Welcome to the wine story Gorjup!

Allow us to take you through the story of Gorjup Wines. A story about people whose love of grapevines led them to discover how strong determination, sincere love and the joy of work can create unforgettable wine creations. Creations that we are happy and proud to share with you!

Acclaimed favourites

Wine creations Gorjup

Our wines aren’t simply wines. They are wine creations, full of expertise and love of grapevines, which aim at the mark “high quality”. We introduce a selection of wines, amongst which every single one is accompanied by a unique wine note that will undoubtedly stay in your memory.

Wine tasting on the Gorjup Winery estate

Life is too short to drink bad wines. We want to take you down the path of our winemaking creations and pamper you with an assortment of selected wines. We promise you a day, full of wine superlatives, selected tones, and unforgettable culinary pleasures. You are warmly invited for a wine tasting experience at the Gorjup Winery estate!