Sauvignon, selection, 2018


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Vintage: 2018

Wine type: Sauvignon

Sugar level: sweet

Alcohol level: 13,5% vol

Location: Belski Vrh, vineyard location Zeletina. Southern location, sunlit throughout the day, at an altitude of 360m above sea level, nicely winded and sunny. Because of the 65% average incline, the grapevines receive more intense sun rays, which allows the grapes a greater maturity. The parent material of the soil is sandstone.

Average grapevine age: 38 years

Vinification: Cold-pressed. Because of increased sugar content, 88 g/L, and high alcohol content the wine will continue to gain quality and taste in the bottle. One of the main characteristics of Selections (winter harvested grapes) is the added value that the wine acquires with age since aging increases the wine’s quality.

Preparation: Carefully supervised the selection of grapes on the grapevines and of the course of ripening. Sugar and acid parameters in the grape berry are measured weekly so that the grapes are what make the wine. Hand-picking or overripe berries take place in the middle of December when the berries are orange, slightly frozen, and enriched with gray mold (Botrytis cinerea).

Wine characteristics: Our Sauvignon, produced from carefully chosen grape berries, smells and tastes of honey and light Botrytis, which is typical for overripe Sauvignons. The parent material of the soil – sandstone, gives it a mineral quality. Because of the overripeness of grapes, the acids are harmonious, the fullness of the wine is increased and it will become sweeter over the years.