Italian Riesling, aged dry


🏅 Acclaim: Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona – Silver Medal, 2017
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Vintage: 2015

Wine type: Italian Riesling 100%

Sugar level: dry

Alcohol level: 15% vol

Location: Veliki Vrh, vineyard location Cikušak, which faces the river Drava with its south and southwest position. The wind in this area doesn’t stop even when it’s completely calm. The average altitude of 330m above sea level helps keep the grapes healthy long into autumn. The largest vineyard incline is 77%. The parent material of the soil is marlstone.

Average grapevine age: 45 years Vinification: 3 days of cold maceration that only very healthy grapes can afford. Mixing on fine aromatic lees for 1 year, which allows the wine to gain its characteristically full aromas without added sulfur. Two years in a large wooden barrel to allow fusion of alcohol surplus and acids, and micro-oxygenation from the wood, which gives wine stability.

Preparation: Carefully supervised the selection of grapes on the grapevines and of the course of ripening. Sugar and acid parameters in the grape berry are measured weekly so that the grapes are what makes the wine. Hand-picking, which allows a selection of berries; regular harvest.

Wine characteristics: The parent material of the soil produces more mineral wines here. This Italian Riesling leaves a full aftertaste in the mouth because of the maturing process in the wooden barrel. That helps harmonize acids and alcohol, so despite higher levels of alcohol in the wine, we don’t feel it. Lees also help with the lighter and finer harmonization and add to a characteristically well-rounded Italian Riesling.

Acclaim: Vino Slovenija Gornja Radgona – Silver Medal, 2017.